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nicolas farrar


30TH APRIL 2020

Imagine a world with more trees, fruits and flowers. It’s a fine balance gardening in the urban environment with all the pressures of the modern world including the coronavirus. This is where Nicolas Farrer comes in. In late 2017 Nicolas approached Sydney Business about the possibility of joining the Federal Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). He had an idea of developing Kid’s Micro Greens sunflower Seed Bomb kits which would be a fun way to grow micro greens at home, school or in the office.

Other products were then introduced such as the Bee Mix Seed Bomb, the Fruit Tree and Wine Barrel, Organic Garden Consultations and the newly introduced Tote Bag.

The Business commenced in January 2018 and Nicolas’ expertise has since been widely used in local Community Groups as well as more broadly as Organic food becomes more mainstream. He has studied Horticulture and Permaculture and this has given him the creative freedom needed to shape his life as well as the many children and adults he has been able to teach since commencement of the business.

The Growing Trend was made reality by hard work, perseverance and a lot of help from its customers and support network. Ideas need development and with the help and guidance of the NEIS program The Growing Trend was able to test the market which I believed to be present.

Sydney Business and the NEIS program gave me the support both financially and educationally to follow through with my business idea. The weekly business sessions and targets allowed me to focus 100% on starting the business.

Coronavirus means our business model needs to be adaptive and respond accordingly. Our main source of revenue being school education has taken a hold so we have started supplying online lessons to council and business. People are also spending more time at home which means more time gardening.

Covid-19 has allowed The Growing Trend to focus on supplying online workshops to or customer base. We tailor our online content with our Micro Greens growing kit and run hands on workshops. We are currently putting together an online workshop with our micro greens tins with North Sydney Council and the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability. If you are in the North Sydney area, you can register through the Coal Loader centre.

The Growing Trend provides Educational Workshops, Future Fruits Program, Garden Design, Install and Maintenance. For more information, follow The Growing Trend on Instagram or check out the website –

J Bogaz at work

Juan Bogaz – This Chilean born mature age student has come from an Electrical Engineering background and got his first job at General Motors Holden in 1997 and worked in engineering roles up until 2010. Since then he has found it difficult to get employment. During his life his passion has been music. His band in Chile even had a Recording Contract with RCA Records. So he decided he would set up a Music Tutoring business. He approached Sydney Business and he established his own Music Studio.

Juan Bogaz
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Monica Appiah – From Le Chic Hair and Beauty Salon. Monica had done hairdressing in Africa prior to coming to Australia and with the help of Sydney Business she commenced her own salon in Guildford. She has a well-established customer based who regularly visit her salon.

Monica Appiah

Ehssan Sakhaee – He approached Sydney Business with an idea to create his own Corporate Executive Training aimed at high tech professionals. He has a Ph. D in Engineering and a B.E. (Hons) in Computer Engineering from the University of Sydney and completed his Post Graduate Teaching at the Osaka University. He commenced his NEIS business and his “Leadership in high-tech industries” seminars are well attended.

Ehssan Sakhaee

Erin Timony – Erin Timony completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Jewellery Major at the College of Fine Arts, Paddington between 2001-05 and then worked as a Jeweller for a number of businesses in Sydney. She had always dreamed of opening her own Bespoke Fine Jewellery business which she did through study with Sydney Business and the NEIS Program. Her business continues to grow focusing on couples getting married and those who wish to have a unique gift or those who want older jewellery re-modelled. She has won various awards for her one off designs.

Erin Timony
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